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2016 updated - Managing Activity and Exercise with an Eating Disorder - Service User Booklet


It is widely known that there are many positive physical and psychological health benefits of exercise, including improved heart and lung function, improved muscular and skeletal strength and improvements in self esteem and mood. As a result exercise plays an important part in what is considered to be a healthy lifestyle. 

When exercise becomes associated with an eating disorder it can often become compulsive when exercise levels can increase beyond that of nutritional intake. When this happens the health benefits of exercise are lost and exercise becomes more harmful to the body than helpful.


Service User Information February 2016 -The aim of the attached booklet is to provide you with an insight into the relationship between exercise and eating disorders, what you might experience if your exercise and activity increase to unhealthy levels and ways in which you can be supported to try and make changes to your exercising behaviour


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Kate Brown, Advanced Specialist Physiotherapist
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