International Organization of Physiotherapists in Mental Health (IOPTMH) Meeting Update

Hello all, 


On Tuesday I attended the IOPTMH meeting as the UK representative. 


During the meeting the new executive committee was introduced. The new committee consists of:

Daniel Catalán (President- Spain)

Davy Vancampfort (Belgium)

Mark Hojbo (Norway)

Ellen Lake (Australia)

Elisa Galvez (Mexico)


Their aim is to increase engagement of all member physios from all member nations more within the work of the IOPTMH, and improve equality in accessing all resources.

As part of this they are developing a number of committees that they will be inviting members who wish to join.


Committee for Education, Chair: Norma Elisa Gálvez
To expand the knowledge of Mental Health Physiotherapy worldwide, promoting evidence-
based educational programs. Training activities targeting physiotherapists will be developed
by using different formats such as workshops, webinars. Engagement from many countries
will be possible by providing access to the specific trainings through online platforms and
virtual systems.

Committee for Research, Chair: Davy Vancampfort
To provide the member organizations with up to date research information and research
opportunities in all aspects of mental health physiotherapy practice and education. Among
other functions, the Committee will create a communication platform for interested
researchers and will maintain a database of researchers which acts as a source of
information and support.

Committee for Institutional Relations, Chair: Mark Hojbo
To establish professional connections and relations with the organizations for psychiatrists,
nurses, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists, as well as develop an ideal
picture of collaboration among the aforementioned professions of the mental health
workforce. Relational work and participation in events organized by other professions will
be promoted.

Committee for Clinical Practice, Chair: Ellen Lake
To foster an International Community of Evidence-based Practice and support expansion of
scope within Physical Therapy in Mental Health and Psychiatry. Preliminary discussions will
include collating competencies (including psychological ones) and clinical interventions,
highlighting common themes and variations and discussing integration of research into
practice. Input from member organizations will be encouraged.

Committee for Communication, Chair: Daniel Catalán
To build the communication strategy of IOPTMH by identifying target audiences, key
messages and determining the publishing frequency as well as the channels used for the
dissemination. The Committee will launch communication campaigns such as for the World
Mental Health Day, and will increase visibility and impact of the activities conducted by
IOPTMH itself as well as the IOPTMH member organizations.



I will update members as soon as I have more information.


Erin Byrd

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