Chartered Physiotherapists in Mental Health Care (CPMH) welcomes new members.

Who can join?

CSP members and members of the CSP’s assistant list are eligible to join

What is expected of members?

Members are encouraged to support and promote the group’s objectives including raising awareness of the role of physiotherapy in mental health and contribute to the group’s support network

Subscription rates

CPMH membership runs from the 1 Jan to 31 Dec, see the table below for our pro rota rates

Membership typeFull year9 Months6 Months3 Months

How to join Online

This is the easiest and quickest way to join, using our secure online process.  It typically takes 3-5 minutes (if you already have a CSP website account) and access to CPMH member content on the website is immediate.

If you do not have a CSP website account you will need to create one first, to do so click on 'Register' and again follow the instructions.  If you have an account but have forgotten your login details, click on 'login' and then click on 'reset your password'. You will get an email to enable you to reset your password.

Applicants holding a non UK bank account can only be made using the membership application form below and email or post the completed form back to CPMH as per the instructions on the form.

NB: dont forget to cancel any existing standing orders if you join online!

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